Wednesday, October 16, 2019

What I Did For Love by Mickey J Corrigan

Reviewed by Nas Dean

WHAT I DID FOR LOVE by author Mickey J Corrigan is an October 2019 release.

A College lecturer, Catherine falls in love or lust with one of her student but she takes it further. Then she meets his father-who is a rich widower. And she gets engaged then marries him. All the while being in love with the son.

But unknown to her, she is the one being played here. Some con games are going on about which she has no knowledge.

WHAT I DID FOR LOVE is well-written story. It's a suspenseful story with some mystery elements. It's edgy and hot.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Primal Instinct

Primal Instinct

Instinct #1

Janie Crouch

Primal Instinct by Janie Crouch

Reviewed by Helen
This is the first Harlequin Intrigue and the first book by this author that I have read and there will be more, wow what a story I loved it, the tension, the suspense and the spark that is so strong between the very vulnerable heroine Adrienne Jeffries who has a gift that is good and bad for her and the hero FBI agent Conner Perigo who starts of very sceptical when they first meet, loved seeing him change his opinion.

Adrienne has worked for the FBI before as a profiler but ended that job eight years before but now there is a serial killer loose on the streets of San Francisco and the FBI need her help again and when Conner and his partner Seth arrive at her horse farm she is given a proposition that she cannot refuse. But her skills are not working all the time and the reason will push Conner and her together head first into a very loving relationship.

Conner is drawn to Adrienne from their first meeting but it takes a bit to convince him that she will be any help in capturing the serial killer Simon Says and that pull between them grows stronger as he sees from a distant what her skills do to her and the strength she shows, and when the killer goes after Adrienne well Conner’s love comes to the surface in such a beautiful way.

This really is a story not to be missed and I am looking forward to the next book in the series MS Crouch has bought to life a murderer and the strong people that go after him their personalities are caring loving and I felt very close to them all. Thank you MS Crouch for a fabulous story I loved it.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published March 18th 2014 by Harlequin (first published January 1st 2014)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Havana Storm by Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler

Reviewed by Desere

First time read from this author for me, from the plot description it looked to be a promising action adventure set in the Caribbean.  It almost, almost made my top list, but there was some lacking in the actual action, the plot promised.

The read tells of Dirk Pitt , while investigating a toxic outbreak in the Caribbean Sea that may ultimately threaten the United States , Dirk becomes involved in something more dangerous, a post - Castro power struggle for control of Cuba.  Meanwhile his children are on a treasure seeking adventure of their own, they are chasing an Aztec stone that may reveal the whereabouts of a vast historical Aztec treasure. Their adventure leads them to Cuba, and squarely in harm's way. Father, son and daughter have faced some desperate adventures before but this time it seems to be dire.

As I said the action was there but did not quite hit the BOOM mark I am use to finding in action adventure , treasure seeking reads. It peek through and before it actually takes full growth it fades out and the next part of the story kind of just drag onward to the next almost action part.

Aside from the lack of action the book is fascinating , it's a good typical plot that certainly is entertaining , I mean it's not everyday you get to read about a missing stone that holds the clue to a treasure unlike ever seen before, oh okay maybe the treasure of King Tut comes close, but this books describes the treasure , or rather the author tries to make it sound far greater than the treasure of King Tut.

And then there is the mystery of the toxic waters, now that little getting all scientific part was fun to read!  I recommend this read for fans looking for some low key action adventure and for those who love to solve a mystery.

4.5 star review

" The Caribbean is meant to be magical , but what really lies beneath it's waters?"

Copy provided by Penguin Random House in exchange for a honest review 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What she left by TR Richmond

Reviewed by Desere

I have heard so many times of people passing away and then afterwards their family discovering secrets from diaries, notes, letters and other objects, the outcome is sometimes really great for all involved but sometimes the truth is a real shocker that can literally blow the family apart.

In this read Alice Salmon dies, she is gone but not forgotten at all. The after effects of her death is felt on the news , the internet and in the hearts of those that knew her best.

But the one person  who knows her most intimately is not a friend or a family member, he is Dr Jeremy Cook, an academic whose life has become one of piecing anything and everything together , that is everything  that is related to Alice.

For David recreating Alice's life by using her diaries, emails and her voice, becomes an everyday occurrence, and consumes his every waking minute. With every bit of information he finds he has to know more, and he keeps digging, but what will he do when he is shocked to the core by the secret Alice seemed to be hiding ?

This story really hit all the buttons of those " don't this and don't that on this and that" warnings the papers and our parents warn us about. It
was really scary to see how easily David is able to find the information about Alice.

I like to think that I can hide my untold secrets pretty well, and  that what I put out there will pretty much tell you what I like and don't like , and really that is about it. Even my Facebook posts simply just relate to books and more books, so I recon all you will be able to find is that I love reading.

But the author did an off the charts job at showing just how easily the mind can translate absolutely everything we write down, or post or say into anything the reader./ hearer / see-er wants it to. For example I can see the words " I hate CST" but all it means is that I don't like their products , but if some with an overactive imagination reads it and suddenly there is an occurrence of  a bad nature at CST then they will pretty much come up with the conclusion it was me.

So really if anything David's dedication or rather obsession with Alice has certainly taught me a valuable lesson. And I particularly loved Alice being brought to life it was insightful and very entertaining.

Highly recommended read!

5/5 star review
" She leaves, but is she really gone and what has she left behind ? 

Available now at Penguin Random House South Africa 

The Girl On the train by Paula Hawkins

Reviewed by Desere

This was a really interesting read. It dips in to  the lives of various characters , with really fantastic insight.

The main focus is on Rachel, she takes the exact same commuter train every single morning. It rattles down the tracks, past piles of old clothes, dirt and various houses.

But from all the houses it passes the one that get's Rachael's undivided attention every single day is the one where " Jess and Jason " lives. The couple intrigue Rachael, they fascinate her like no other. Then one morning as the train passes the house, Rachael sees something, it's only for a split second and the train is pass, but it's enough to make Rachael go to the police, but has this caused more harm than good?

Fast paced and a nice even flow are the first things I have to say about this read, it moved from point a to b at a really good pace, none of that stop start that is found in so many similar reads, that my dear reading friends drive me crazy !

I really loved the mystery in this book, but sadly I figured it out too quickly and I felt a little cheated that I was able to get it so fast.

Now that we have that out of the way I can tell you all about the most amazing part of this read, the unrealiable narrator , man it drove me crazy at first but then suddenly it all just became clear and it was like some kind of high to try and outsmart the narrator.

To sum it up , this is a terrific read for any reader that loves a great mystery, lots of emotional drama and loads of guessing if you don't pay attention.  Don't start reading this one if it's late at night , because after the third chapter it really grips the reader!

4.5 star review
" Rolling past the image that changes her life" 

Available now at Penguin Random House South Africa

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Die Again by Tess Gerritsen

Reviewed by Desere

Boston Detective,Jane Rizoli is on the case of a big game hunter found dead in his apartment, alone with the body of a beautiful snow leopard he had recently been commissioned to procure and stuff for a high-profile museum in the area.

Medical examiner Maura Isles connects the case to a number of seemingly unrelated deaths where the victims have all been found hanging upside down, the hallmark of a leopard's kill.

Rizzoli follows the puzzling mystery all the way to Botswana, where she uncovers the unsolved mystery of a deadly camping safari four years prior. When she realizes the two cases are connected Rizzoli must track down the sole survivor of the tragic trip to discover who, or what is behind these gruesome deaths. Getting the sole survivor to help trap the killer is a whole other scenario.

From the blurb the book sounds intriguing and like a real page turner. It starts interestingly enough and grabbed my attention but very shortly after fell flat, it was like the author lost the plot somehow before picking it up again. Now of course this is my first time reading anything from this author and therefore am willing to freely admit that maybe it's just me and this could of course just be the author's writing style.

When I got to chapter 5 it picked up momentum and the author recaptured my attention  and the read became really enthralling hence the four star review and the fact that after it picked up again I could not put it down and four hours later found it all done and dusted.

The characters were intriguing and mysterious , just the way you would expect them to be in this category of reading and definitely gory enough to make even the most addicted of fans cringe with disgust.

I recommend this read for fans that like a bit of legend connected in their mystery and thriller reads, sadly for me I solved the case too long before the end and would have liked if the read was a little less predictable.

All in all a good afternoon pass-time for those looking to step foot into the world of mystery and murder for a few hours.

4 star review
" He tried to kill her once, will he fail again this time around?" 

** Copy provided by Penguin Random Houes Books South Africa

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Invincible by James Patterson

Reviewed by Desere

Everyone thinks Emma Dockery has gone mad, as in completely off the deep end! She's obsessed with finding the link between hundreds of unsolved cases, she's even gone as far as taking leave from her job as a FBI researcher.

Surrounding herself with newspaper clippings on the walls of her bedroom and night after night suffering through endless nightmares of a raging all-consuming fire, she dredges on day after day seeking to find that one vital clue to make the world believe her.

She of course comes off as so nuts that not even her ex-boyfriend, FA Harrison 'Books' Bookman will believe her crazy theory that hundreds of kidnappings, rapes and murders are somehow all connected. That all comes to a earth-shattering " now you believe me" moment when Emma finds the one piece of evidence not even Books can ignore.  As more and more murders are reported each passing day with no motives, no murder weapons in sight and zero suspects Emma's chances of proving the unthinkable seem bleaker with each murder, and worst of all, she might just die trying.

I loved this book, it had me guessing at each and every turn, and best of all it was one of those books that once you start, putting it away for later is simply just not possible. The author sucks you in to the mystery and there is no way you can leave this absolutely thrill ride of a book for even a second!

There was many twists and turns in this book, but not the kind that would have you thinking " I saw that coming!" and then silently keeping the " I so did not see it,  but I want to look smart " comments to yourself, no this author hits you with the unexpected when you least expect it and completely threw me for a loop each and every time.

I am a big fan of mystery reads and I am pretty good with solving the mystery after about six or seven chapters and long before the end, yet with this read I simply could just not get to it. Each time I thought I have it all worked out the author would bring forth such a rollercoaster of a twist it made me feel like Emma , back to square one!

I could not get enough of the emotion in this book, from frustration to anger to hurt to absolute " Eureka!" moments and back again to " Oh no, that did not just happen!!" very addictive !

I highly recommend this book for all fans of a fantastic, blow your mind, knock your socks off mystery reads. Once you start this book you will simply be trapped in this author's world and believe me you will not want to leave, it's simply too good to want to go!

4.5 star review
" Within the flames of hate lies the truth of death" 

*** Now available at Random House Struik South Africa